The Busky Campaign, enabled and supported by FNB, from a couple of year’s back included the purchase of Busky packs which contained parts of a teddy bear and husky fur to stuff the teddy bears with. FNB staff members bought these packs for R100. They then gathered at Bank City and the Sandton Convention Centre to build their Busky Bears. All financial proceeds came to Husky Rescue and all Busky Bears were donated to the Teddy Bear Foundation and were gifted to children who were about to testify in court. The R100 000 raised through this event was to purchase a vehicle for Husky Rescue. For the two decades that Husky Rescue have been rescuing and rehoming dogs, volunteers have made use of their personal vehicles. Joanne, who manages the haven and looks after the dogs, also performs home checks and, with her team, collects dogs from all kinds of terrible situations. Over the past months we have been looking for a suitable, reliable vehicle. We have found one and proudly present the Husky-mobile. Enormous thanks to FNB and the FNB staff who gave so generously and the HRSA team of volunteers and supporters!💙