A life companion that proves love is truly unconditional

At about four years of age, this tortured soul comes from a heart breaking background, found in an area rife with crime and riddled with people hell bent on their poor life decisions, with no will to improve themselves.

The call came in, a call no person wants to hear. This angel was hurt and used in the most awful and invasive of ways, unable to defend herself. Her calm and loving nature has prevailed however, and she has blossomed into a beautiful and loving girl, the capacity to forgive and love has never shone through more clearly than in this earth-bound angel. A heart of gold and a shattered soul, one she has carefully and methodically put back together with the love and compassion of those that rescued her, a life companion that proves love is truly unconditional.

To give this angel a home would make a world of difference in her otherwise bleak and tragic life, to be able to express the love and gratitude her scarred heart so desperately exudes, would be all she would need to find a happiness beyond comprehension.

A loving companion that will accept and appreciate the calm and wisdom of an older dog, an old soul that craves a stress free life and someone to love, all that she asks is for a chance.

Situated in Gauteng but can be relocated anywhere in SA if HRSA home check criteria are met.

Female, Siberian Husky, Grey & White fur coat with Blue eyes
Husky Rescue
Husky Rescue

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