Kamohelo is one young man who participated in the Barking Army 94.7 Cycle Challenge; riding for Husky Rescue. Until two weeks before the event; Kamohelo did not even own a bicycle but having heard about the cycle challenge and having a special interest in a husky in his neighbourhood who was living in less than favourable living conditions, he bought himself a bicycle so that he could ride for his cause. Kamohelo visits this dog daily to give him some affection and a little positivity in his life.

Kamohelo then negotiated that if he cycled for Husky Rescue and finished the race, he would have the R2500 pledge amount donated and things would change for this Husky which indeed he did.

His commitment and compassion for this husky is inspiring and Husky Rescue has offered to support and assist Kamohelo in his plight to ensure that this husky has a better life.


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