So we can finally announce the successful conclusion of phase one of our operation to get Natai into a home.

A few months ago we were approached by a lady in Cape Town who thinks she has the experience and what it takes to cope with our problem child Natai.  Desirée is so committed to making it work that she flew up to Husky Rescue today to meet Natai and start the process of gaining his trust and getting to know him.

We took him out to Walkhaven Dog Park and much to our surprise and apart from a few minor issues he was a perfect gentleman and was socialising with all kinds of dogs big and small. This was very encouraging as we will need to integrate Natai into Desirée’s existing pack.

Desirée is looking at adopting Natai later in the year as she has some overseas trips coming up so doesn’t want to risk leaving him with someone less experienced.  She will be making regular trips to visit Natai and we will continue with the socialising to give him an even better chance of succeeding.

When the time comes Ian Jones will take Natai to Cape Town to assist with the introductions and make sure there are no issues.

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