Joanne van Niekerk Siobhan Kelly
Founder & Manager of the Haven
Cell: 082 851 9576
Manager Volunteer Services
Cell: 083 399 3999

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    178 Rowles Road (Erf 135 and displayed on the gate)
    Farmall Agricultural Holdings
    South Africa

    25° 58′ 19.50″S 27° 53′ 53.30″E

    Before considering this lovely breed

    Siberian Huskies were bred to run and run and run. They are VERY independent, self-confident, “what-me-worry?” types. They would rather see what’s on the other side of that hill than worry about getting lost.

    If you don’t keep a Siberian on a leash or in a properly fenced yard (6-foot fence) or kennel, sooner or later they WILL run off, we promise you that. So you have 200 acres? The size of your acreage is not a natural barrier or deterrent. And they certainly do not look both ways when crossing streets, either! No matter how expert your dog-training skills, you will not be able to “teach” a Siberian not to run any more that a retriever can be trained not to retrieve, or a Border Collie not to herd.