Beautiful Eyes

Husky eyes are typically almond shaped and moderately spaced. Their eyes can range in color, with both eyes not necessarily being the same color; for instance, two blue eyes, two brown eyes, one of each (bi-eyed), or even one eye with both brown and blue in it (parti-eye).

Blue Eyes Brown Eyes
dog-1476155_1920  brown-eyes-siberian-husky
Orange / Amber Eyes Bi-Eyed
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Parti-Eyed Bi-Eyed

Known Eye Problems in the Siberian Husky

Unfortunately those beautiful Siberian Husky eyes are known for their share of common problems.  Eye color does not change the risk value, these are common problems associated with the breed.

Hereditary or Juvenile Cataracts

This horrific eye disease can appear in huskies when they are puppies.  The lens of the eye develops a cataract which decreases the amount of light that is able to enter the eye.  This disease can cause loss of sight or even blindness in the husky.  It has been discovered that there is a recessive gene in the breed that causes this disease.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

PRA is a disease that affects the retina in the dog’s eyes.  This disease causes damage to the rods in the retina of the eyes.  It will first cause the dog to not be able to see at night then as time goes on it develops into daytime sight blindness.  This disease has been determined to be caused by a mutation on the “X” chromosome of the female husky and passed on to her pups.  If the father is not a carrier of the gene, then the disease will not appear in the puppies.  In the male puppy who has both parents with the defective chromosome, the disease can be brutal causing complete blindness before the puppy is 6 months old.

Corneal Dystrophy

Siberian Huskies that suffer from Corneal Dystrophy will have a crystalline opacity or haziness look to the cornea of the eyes.  The disease usually does not inter fear with the dog’s vision or cause any loss of sight.  This eye disease affects females of the breed more than males.  Currently, there is no cure for this disease.

It is extremely important to check your Siberian Husky’s eyes on a regular basis to ensure that you dog is not showing any of the signs of the eye problems that are common to the breed.

Veterinarian is examining a cute siberian husky at hospital.
Veterinarian is examining a cute siberian husky at hospital.
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