Tumi & Apache came into the Husky Rescue system two years ago and were re-homed almost immediately. An unfortunate robbery at the home of their new family left the dogs locked in a bedroom by the burglars with the family’s pet parrot. It was lucky that the dogs were locked in a room and not chased out into the street but the story did not end as fortunately for the parrot. The huskies ate the bird. The family were devastated by the robbery and the loss of their bird and could not find it in their hearts to forgive the dogs for this offense so the dogs were brought to the Haven in Lanseria where they have lived ever since.

Tumi is a beautiful copper girl with a soft, snuggly nature. She’s a real snuggle-bug! Apache is black and white with brown eyes. He’s a playful boy but just as sweet as his sister. Both dogs are six years old and really haven’t managed to settle into life in an enclosure so our Christmas wish this year is for Tumi & Apache to find their forever home together.

Neither of the dogs are good with other dogs, particularly small dogs and of course parrots!

If you would like to meet these two personalities and if you’re able to give these two gorgeous dogs a home or even a foster home until they can find something more permanent, please give Joanne a call on 082 851 9576.

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