Fostering a dog is when a person takes a dog into their home and cares for as it their own until such time a permanent home becomes available to this dog.

Fostering can happen in the following circumstances:

  • when there isn’t space at the Haven for the dog
  • when the dog needs special care that is difficult to administer in an outdoor enclosure
  • when the dog is a puppy (we never put puppies into an outdoor enclosure)
  • when the dog really doesn’t adapt well to an outdoor enclosure

Husky Rescue will cover all the care costs of the dog.

Permanent Fostering.

Husky Rescue offers a permanent foster program where families or individuals have a husky-suitable home but don’t necessarily have the financial means to support a dog.

This could include a family who has a child who desperately wants a dog but the family can’t afford one or an elderly person who finds themselves widowed and lonely and looking for the companionship of a dog but also without the financial means to support this dog.

In these cases, Husky Rescue will suggest a dog that is suitable to that particular environment. If the home is one of an elderly person who is less active and not as physically strong as they possibly once were, Husky Rescue will suggest an older husky that requires less exercise and is less boisterous.

Families will receive dog food and tick and flea repellents for this dog as well as access to Husky Rescue partner veterinary support should it be required.

The program is beneficial to both the permanent foster family or individual and to the dog.

This is a program that Husky Rescue runs with great care due to the potential risk of abuse of the dog or of the Husky Rescue system. Strict home checks apply.