Thank you for your interest in adopting a Husky Rescue Dog!  By filling out this application does not guarantee that the dog you choose will be available to you.  We carefully review each application and place dogs based on a variety of criteria and ultimately, will always act in the best interest of the dog.

South African Residents only.  Husky Rescue South Africa currently do not adopt dogs to residences outside of South Africa.

Before a dog can be adopted a home check will be required to ensure dogs are homed to approved and well suited homes we also relocate dogs to anywhere in South Africa.

NB: As from 01 September 2021 our adoption fees have increased. Adult dogs – R1200.00 and puppies – R1500.00



 Adoption Application


Once you have completed the form, please email to:

Before considering adopting a husky please do your homework


Need to Know Pros and Cons

HRSA Sterilisation document

Before considering adopting a husky please do your homework


So you want a Husky?

Read the information About Siberian Huskies to determine if you feel you are an appropriate candidate for adopting a Husky.

As you set out on this journey a Husky Rescue volunteer will be with you every step of the way – guiding you through this exciting, but sometimes daunting process of choosing a new addition to your family.


Step 1:  Before considering this lovely breed do your research on the breed and their specific needs, we have compiled some facts for you here:  About Siberian Huskies and do additional research on the web, you will need to assess your own situation and ensure there is money, space and time for a husky in your life.

Step 2:  Have a look at our adoption profiles and see if anyone of our gorgeous dogs stands out for you.  If yes, fill in the Adoption Application and email it back to us on

Step 3:  One of our volunteers will arrange with you to do a home check which will then be processed, we will call you to let you know if it has been successful.  It is important to note that some of our requirements are: the property needs to double gated with a minimum of 6 foot walls, some of our dogs require special considerations, so please take note of these.

Step 4:  Now the fun part – you get to meet the dog or dogs that might suit your family.  This happens during a visit to Husky Haven or prearranged meeting place where you will be guided through the introductions.  Please take our advice on which dog would be best suited for your family and home environment.

Step 5:  Once home checks are done and processed, we will give you a call so you can sign the adoption contract and pay the adoption fee.

Step 6: If you already have pets at home, we will need to do an introduction in a controlled environment, overseen by one of our volunteers, where we can introduce your pet and family to the new addition and introduce him or her to his new home.  It does happen that sometimes pets take an instant dislike to each other which could be dangerous for everyone concerned.

Step 7: You’ve done the shopping now it’s time to head home to a new chapter.   You’ve done a great thing!

Step 8:  There are occasions when a dog faces challenges fitting into a new home.  You are not alone.  We will be there to help you through the settling-in process or give you the right advice about the next steps to take.

Adoption Fees

An adoption fee is charged for each dog which includes sterilisation, inoculations and de-worming.  We do not make any money off the adoption fee and previous medical and food costs are not charged for.

Adult Dog – R1000 * pays for the sterilisation, vaccination, de-worming & micro-chip

Puppy – R1200 * pays for the vaccination, de-worming, micro-chip & sterilisation at 6 months