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Lucy is looking for her forever home! I was born on the 8th of February 2013 and I am looking for her forever home, I am great with cats and small dogs. She is currently situated in Johannesburg, but can be flown anywhere in SA if HRSA home criteria are met.

Husky Rescue South Africa


A heart of pure gold rests inside this amazing and loving boy An active boy with a past shrouded in misery, he was rescued by supporters of Husky Rescue from a rumored fighting syndicate, he is ready for his forever home to complete his life and save his soul.  Around the age of two he has…

Husky Rescue


Karen who is part of Shaygam’s Shelter in Hangberg, came across this beautiful husky … She eats the owners chickens and is therefore kept in a tiny enclosure which is far too limiting for a husky.  She is loved but they doubt she gets enough exercise. Her ears are not doing well with the all the…


Gentleman Max Gentleman Max who is approaching 10 years of age is being harrassed by the persistent 12 month old Cara. Doesn’t matter what Max does Cara just yaps in his face and chews his back legs. She is a little devil and we need to save Max and help him find a forever home.…