Husky Rescue


This gorgeous female husky was rescued in Khayelitsha She was surrendered to a rescue organisation in Gordons Bay. She isn’t in great shape and needs to put on quiet a bit of weight.  MISHKA is 3 years old and excellent with people and children. She gets on well with male dogs and submissive females.  She is a…

Adopt Sage Husky Rescue South Africa


Human Equivalent: Energetic Best Friend I am very social, friends with everyone kinda girl!  I hate being alone & will always be by your side.  I’m good at escaping but I’m chilled as long as I’m with you.  You won’t meet a friendlier girl than me!!! SAGE was rescued from starvation on the streets of…

Husky Rescue


A young gun with the heart of a lion, his large paws and mane like coat promise a fierce and loyal life companion! Don’t let his looks fool you though, he relishes in attention and love, and will light up your life with his high energy and positive outlook on life.  Found on the side of…

Husky Rescue


THE Perfect dream companion Sasha is a lovely 3 year old female husky who is currently in foster care. She is a wonderful soft and timid girl who gets on with all large breed dogs, male and female. SASHA is also friendly with small dogs.  Sasha is excellent with small children and loves being around them.

Husky Rescue


Human Equivalent – Dreamy Eyed Traveler I’m a curious, pink nosey, crazy-fluffy girl.  I love discovering & snooping around, I prance around like a shiny pony and think that I’m a Unicorn.  I’ve been passed around a lot & my wish is to find the human that won’t give up on me! She is active…

Adopt Charm Husky Rescue South Africa


Mr Simply Irresistible Well Mr Charming is looking so damn fine and has a regal looking quality about him. Charm is probably the happiest go lucky dog we have at the Haven but he is dreaming of a home to call his own. He is full of beans and loves tummy tickles and playing retrieve…