Apollo & Zeus came to us recently as extremely exhausted and terrified strays. A kind lady only managed to catch them because they were so hungry that they followed the chicken pieces into her car…. They were full of scars and their ears had been partially cut off, so we are very grateful that they got out from wherever they had been kept, we suspect a background of dog fighting :(( Their physical wounds healed quickly (although unfortunately their ears won’t grow back, so they will always have a somewhat “unusual” look), but their souls took longer.

Whenever hands came near them or people even just looked at them they would go into a freeze position and a mental shut-down, just waiting for the pain to happen. Slowly but surely, they are learning that life around people no longer is painful. That people come to visit to give them nice treats, to just sit with them, to touch and cuddle them. They are somewhat surprised by all the attention that is lavished on them by our dedicated volunteers, but are starting to enjoy and to relax around us. Apollo, the black & white boy, is fast turning into a real cuddle bun and even fell asleep in our volunteers lap yesterday, while Zeus is still keeping his distance. We are starting to work on leash walking and are introducing them to all kinds of different people and toys to provide them with mental stimulation.

Both boys appear very social with other dogs, however we still have to test their reaction to very tiny dogs. They are “purebred” huskies, so we would rather not place them with cats. They can be adopted separately and again would do well in a fairly quiet, but active household with children older than 10. Please contact manuela@huskyrescue.co.za

apollo zeus

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