These three have found a special place in a number of hearts💙 and especially ours! As you may remember, when they came to us, they were in a horribly matted state. So bad that we had to shave them so their skin wouldn’t get damaged… now they are the 3 Fluff-Butts!

These gorgeous characters have been to hell and back again and they thoroughly deserve a *very, very* happy ending – staying together would be the absolute cherry 🍒 on top.

Dad, Malachai is 7 years old and the girls, Erin and Sparkles are 5. They are loving and excellent with humans but not with other dogs. They love kids but definitely NOT cats! Is there a Malamute lover out there waiting for this most adorable trio?

Please contact Joanne on 082 851 9576 or

Photography by: Ivory Tower Design