Alaskan Malamutes are majestic, dignified and gentle giants who are recognizable by their well-furred plumed tail and thick, waterproof double coat.

A Malamute should be brushed daily with a pin brush and metal comb, and an undercoat rake should be added to the regimen twice a year during shedding season. When a dog’s fur becomes matted, it sticks to the skin and causes irritation, dandruff, and dry skin, and the matts constantly pull at the skin and can even rip the skin.

Sadly the coat of the 4 Malamutes that were surrendered to Husky Rescue SA over the weekend had to be shaved as it was impossible to feel the skin under all the matts, knots and debris. These poor dogs had not seen a brush in years, and as the matting prevented proper airflow, they must have suffered in the recent heat wave.

They will also need veterinary care as one has an eye infection, and we found stones in their faeces.

Huge thanks go out to Sloppy Kisses Doggy Day Care, Grooming & Deli for undertaking the massive task of shaving all 4 dogs.

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