Husky Rescue owes this man so much.
In February 2014 Irshaad called Husky Rescue to tell us about a husky that was dying in the gutter next to a road in Lenasia, we went and picked her up and the rest of Emily’s story is history.
Late in 2015 while working in Soweto Irshaad came across a dog that had been hit by a car and was lying at the side of the road with a shattered pelvis and femur. Although she wasn’t a husky Irshaad called the only organisation he knew could help and brought Sorbet to us. After raising funds and having an operation Sorbet made a full recovery and has been adopted by Philip and Taryn Jones.


A short while ago Irshaad’s Jack Russel passed away from old age. He approached us and asked if we could see if his property was suitable for a husky as he had always wanted one of his own. We did his home check and it passed with flying colours.

This week we were faced with a desperate situation with a husky and beagle Sasha and Rusty that the owner wanted to surrender as he was moving into a flat this weekend ūüôĀ
Once again Irshaad has come to our rescue, he agreed to adopt not only Sasha but his friend of 5 years Rusty the beagle.

Once again Irshaad we owe you, a true animal angel, we had nowhere for these two precious babies to go and you stepped up.

Thank you.

Ian Jones

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