After our post about stockings for all the dogs at the Haven we received this letter from Arrow (formerly Natai) and we were absolutely blown away to read it.

Arrow has offered to sponsor ALL the toys for the Christmas stockings that’s a toy for every dog a total value of over R11000 !!!

Please keep the sponsorship’s coming in so we can buy the remaining stocking items and make it a very special Christmas party this weekend.

Hi everyone at Husky Haven

The 27th December 2018 will mark a year since I left the haven, Johannesburg, bound for my forever home in Cape Town. And what a year it has been ! My name changed from Natai to Arrow; I now go for walks, watch a funny box with sounds and pictures (Tony, my dad calls it a TV), sleep in a bedroom on a real bed with my four-legged non-husky sister, Roxy. (I also have an older husky sister, Sasha, but we don’t spend much time together). There is also a walking rock which is always placed out of my reach (I’ve overheard the word tortoise) and the scent of small furry creatures ((I think they are called cats!) behind a closed door.

Having spent three years at the haven I remember the wonderful Xmas parties and those Xmas stockings. About six months ago I told my human sister Des (I think she’s my mom) about the Xmas parties and she asked me whether I would consider contributing half of my weekly chew allowance towards the sponsorship of the stockings. I thought about this for a while, looked around at my forever home, “Squeakie” my rubber chicken, felt the love I was receiving and decided it was the best gift I could give my fellow huskies at the various havens.

So Merry Xmas Aunt Joanne, Siobhan, Ian (my special friend), Dan and all my furry friends. My wish is that you, too, will find your forever home. Don’t give up hope, after all I spent three years there….until Des came looking for her special needs boy. (I know I still have trust issues but I think I am getting better at that).

Love you all!

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