Sadly, every now and then we need to remind everyone that we are an organisation run by volunteers who donate their spare time to helping the huskies. We are not paid to do any of what we do, whether it’s going out to rescue animals, home-checks or even admin jobs. The only benefit the volunteers get out of it is knowing that we have helped a dog in need.

We cannot process emails / applications as quickly as some wish we could – please be patient as our administrators all have full time jobs as well.
If you are looking to re-home or surrender a dog, please understand that while we try our best to help, this is conditional not only on the available space we have, but also juggling foster homes around for elderly dogs or puppies and is not always a simple yes/no answer – please give us a bit of time to see what we can do.

We would also appreciate if you could treat us with respect, we are actually human beings.

Our website is a wonderful resource and covers many topics including information on the breed, grooming, feeding and behaviour. Please check it out as you may find the answer to your question:

Our emails and social media accounts are NOT monitored 24 hours a day. If you have an URGENT situation i.e. a dog is in danger then you need to call us as we may not see the message until we are able to access these accounts later in the day.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your cooperation and understanding.

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