Our Vision & Mission

With many huskies in need of a loving and caring home, we go the extra mile to find a match between your family and the dog’s personality.

SONY Husky Rescue SA

Our Vision

To be a nationally recognized non-profit animal rights organization that will quickly, carefully and effectively re-home abandoned, stray or abused Huskies, husky crosses and other Nordic breeds, from here-on referred to as Huskies.

To encourage more widespread and extensive use of reproductive control strategies to reduce the numbers of unwanted, abandoned, and neglected Huskies; to foster greater awareness and appreciation among the public for the value of animals in society and the human animal bond and to enhance and improve the delivery of education on proper care and husbandry of Huskies to the animal-owning public.

Our Mission

Husky Rescue SA aims to effectively rescue, rehabilitate and re-home Huskies as well as to advise and counsel those having problems in an attempt to enable them to keep their dogs.

Husky Rescue SA aims to be the primary organization used to deal with Huskies, husky crosses and other Nordic breed rescues and re-homing. Husky Rescue SA aims to provide a better alternative to euthanasia through utilizing their foster home database to care and rehabilitation for animals while a suitable home is found for them. HRSA aims to build awareness around the specific needs of these breeds in a proactive drive to decrease the amount of stray, abandoned and abused Huskies.

Positive Points of the Siberian Husky

They are intelligent and independent. They are affectionate with everyone but do not need to constantly pester you for attention. They are not known to be aggressive and generally do well in multi-dog homes. They do well with children and will welcome everyone into their home — yes, even intruders. However, they often use that remarkable mind to learn less savory things and are not overly eager to please their people. They are extremely difficult to train, so first-time dog owners or timid people should consider other breeds. Huskies fit best with confident, experienced dog owners who set rules and deliver consistency. Like all breeds, Huskies need obedience training, but they seem to have an uncanny ability to distinguish the difference between home and class — behaving beautifully in class while disregarding commands when at home.