Tyson & Mika

Great with Cats & Small Dogs!

Tyson (6 years and is the red boy) is extremely social and loves other animals. He has the biggest heart and wouldn’t hurt a fly. He walks off lead at parks and loves to interact with every animal he sees. He is also very good with small children. I often have friends over with their toddlers. He is more afraid of them initially. He has been sterilized. He is very active and loves to play. If he had the choice, all day every day  Tyson is in very good health at the moment. I still see him as a puppy – very playful and happy.

Mika (6 years old and grey/white female) is more of a pack leader. She is also fine with smaller animals but they need to be slowly introduced. She has never hurt any smaller dogs before. Mika is what I like to call a silly dog, a clown  but she is very independent. She needs to walk on a lead as she is a runner. She likes to socialize at the park but she’s not as interested as Tyson is. I took her last month for X-rays and a check up to ensure her health was in check and she got flying colors. Her bones are all healthy and no signs of any problems.

They are situated in Gauteng but can be relocated anywhere in SA if HRSA home check criteria are met.

To adopt TYSON & MIKA please email us on info@huskyrescue.org.za

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Male & Female, Siberian Huskies

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