He prefers to be inside amongst the family at night so he is truly an amazing dog

[gdlr_heading tag=”h3″ size=”20px” color=”#ffffff” background=”#5ab5d3″ width=”800″]Male, Siberian Husky, Silver & White fur coat with Bi-eyes, born in 2013 [/gdlr_heading]

Unfortunately Ty (the dog) is now starting to dig his way out of the house yard, and onto the farm yard, where we at times have sheep.

He is a loyal companion and is deserving of an owner that wants to cultivate a very close bond with his dog. Huskies demand an active lifestyle and loads of attention.

Ty is a wonderful and loving soul. Loves to be around us, though strong willed, he does want he wants. Great with kids. Been in puppy school. Interacts well with other dogs. He prefers to sleep indoors with us. Turned 3 this year 5th June. He is a husky X malamute but he is a normal sized husky.’

TY is HOUSE TRAINED, EXCELLENT with all dogs including SMALL dogs and adores kids.

Situated in Cape Town but can be relocated anywhere in SA if HRSA home check criteria are met.

To adopt Ty  please email us on info@huskyrescue.org.za

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