TOM is a wonderful boy who is well socialised with male and female dogs and just wants to please humans

TOM was rescued together with his brother Jerry by a good samaritan who picked them up after they had escaped from a factory where they were being used as security dogs. They were skinny and filthy. Unfortunately TOM has limited sight in one of his eyes due to a previous trauma but this doesn’t bother him at all.

He has a fantastic recall and enjoys playing. Unfortunately he was shaved at some point so his coat will need some attention and regularly grooming. Tom is approximately 4 years old.

TOM is bombproof with other dogs and he was running together with all the females at Wideskies. He is calm, super easy and very chilled. No cats. TOM was previously shaved so his coat needs regular brushing and supplements. Tom is also has limited vision in one eye but this doesn’t slow him down at all.

Situated in Cape Town but can be relocated anywhere in SA if HRSA home check criteria are met.

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Male, Siberian Husky, with a Grey & White Fur Coat and Bi-eyes

Adopt Husky Rescue South Africa

Adopt Husky Rescue South Africa


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