We are all super excited about the impending move that will provide the comfort of a permanent home for our Haven. Making this piece of land into a home for our dogs is going take work though and we will need the help of our fantastic supporters.

We are still looking for sponsorship of the new runs we intend building on the new property.

The cost of each run is plus minus R5 726.97 (20 gum poles, 60m of galvanized steel fencing and one gate excluding a wendyhouse). We are appealing to companies to sponsor a run and we will put your company name on the run 😁

The pricing per individual item is as follows and any donation towards any of these items will be make a huge difference:
1 x Gum Pole = R81.24
10 x Gum Poles = R812.40
20 x Gum Poles = R1 624.80
1 x Gate = R402.17
1 x roll of Fencing = R1 850.00
2 x rolls of Fencing = R3 700.00
The above pricing is from Builders Warehouse and includes a discount and they are more than happy to do special order for us.

Any donations towards any of the above items will be much appreciated. Remember we are a registered PBO and can issue a section 18A certificate for all donations.

Email Siobhan@huskyrescue.org.za for more info.