When I started my #NuttyNovember fund raising campaign this year I had absolutely no idea that it would receive the support it did.

The aim was to complete 4 sporting events on consecutive weekends in November.
1) Soweto Marathon (42km running)
2) Telkom 947 MTB race (55km MTB cycle)
3) Telkom 947 Road Race (95km road cycle)
4) Coronation Double Century (202km road cycle)

My target was to raise enough funds for Bentley to have a crucial eye operation that will prevent him going blind. The estimate for the operation at the specialist was R26000.

When I received the Husky Rescue bank statements today and started adding up the amounts I soon realised we had raised more than I had anticipated.

Once all was added up the total, which only includes those deposits positively identified for the #NuttyNovember campaign, was a staggering R25480 !!! This includes raffle ticket sales and the painting auction.

What can we say but thank you over and over again, Bentley in fact had his operation a few weeks ago and it went well, he goes for a check up on Friday and we will give a full report after that but it looks like it was a complete success and he is running around with a new lease on life and being able to see properly for the first time.

Without the support of everyone that contributed we could never have done it and I am humbled by the support received. On behalf of Bentley and myself thank you all for being so generous.

Ian Jones

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