These two beautiful angels chose fur instead of wings …

… and will light up your heart with their friendly and excitable nature, Tango’s floppy ears and innocent face might just be the best treatment for an off day or a bad mood, and their sibling like bond proves that these beautiful angels have a deeper understanding of love than we will ever comprehend.

Salsa is a gentle soul who en…joys her treats, your affection even more so, she’s a bit of a princess, and may be a bit uptight when it comes time to grooming, and dislikes children and other dogs to a great degree, this unfortunate preference of hers stemming from teasing and neglect in her younger years. But will lavish her affections upon those she loves, a hurt and fractured soul, but one still capable of a love beyond understanding.

Tango is an absolutely splendid companion, his friendly eyes and droopy ears guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, he is the type that when asked to jump, will gladly do so, so long as you’re holding out a treat, that is. His bond with Salsa is beautiful to watch, a life long companion for both her and whoever opens their heart to him.

Their previous owners were obviously unable to see the beauty that these angels radiate from every pore, leaving them at a boarding kennel and never returning, the abandonment is still evident in tangos behavior, as he rarely leaves Salsa alone, always at her side. These innocent hearts deserve the all the love and affection in the world, and will gladly return it in kind.

They are in need of someone able to handle their pulling during walks, as the excitement just becomes too much, they will charge forward and in the end you will be the one getting walked.

Salsa is a chow cross, and absolutely stunning to behold, while her best friend Tango is a basset/beagle cross, and has the ears to prove it. If you can find the love in your heart to adopt these amazing dogs, you will surely never regret it.

Situated at Husky Haven in Gauteng.

To adopt TANGO & SALSA email us on

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Male & Female, Siberian Huskies Cross, born in 2012

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