Husky Pack SA

There is no denying Huskies are some of the most gorgeous dogs in the world. But there is so much more to them than looks, and this is often what gets them dumped at shelters when they reach a certain age.

Sadly Huskies are one of the most abandoned breeds in this country. This is mostly because people who buy them don’t do any research about the breed beforehand.

That’s why there are Husky rescue organizations and why almost every shelter has a few huskies up for adoption.

If you are interested in getting a husky, look at the following questions. If you can answer yes to all of them, then you are definitely a great candidate for a husky. If not, you can always choose to make changes until you are able to get the dog you want.

Huskies are ATHLETES with very high energy levels. They were bred for running hundreds of kilometres over many days. They are HIGHLY intelligent, not unlike young children. They are also very emotional and sensitive creatures that need human contact. They are NOT dogs that can be left in the backyard and interacted with twice a day when they are fed. These are family members…

1. Do you have at least an hour of free time every day to take your dog for a walk/run?

2. Do you have a property where your dogs will be separated from the main road by 2 gates? (Huskies are very fast and amazing at escaping. If they get a chance, they will make a run for it).

3. Is your property surrounded by a wall/fence that is at least 1.8m high? (Huskies can clear walls with very little effort).

4. Will you be able to afford getting more than one dog? (Huskies are pack animals and rarely do well on their own).

5. Do you have sufficient garden space? Also, will you be okay with holes dug in the garden? (Huskies love to run and they love to dig).

6. Do you live in a place where your neighbors won’t complain about your dog’s noise? (Huskies are generally very vocal dogs, so apartments or townhouses are not a good idea).

7. Are you able to provide a pool or splash pool for your Husky to cool off in on hot days? (Huskies are very adaptable to their environment but they do need to have a place where they can cool off).

8. Can you afford to get your dog microchipped, vaccinated yearly and sterilized? (Since Huskies are so good at escaping, it is vital that they are microchipped in order to be reunited with their owner should they ever escape. Vaccination and sterilization doesn’t even need any explanation. If you are not willing to, please do not consider getting any animal.

9. Are you able to take your dog with you if you move? (Huskies are very sensitive and emotional animals. They often suffer from separation anxiety, so dumping them when you want to move is very cruel. They do not understand why you’re not coming back. A lot of Huskies in shelters are not coping because of the trauma of their families dumping them.

10. Are you willing to work with your dog to try and sort out any behavior issues he might have? (Huskies are very smart. Therefore they are stubborn and often times naughty if they don’t get their way. Hitting your dog is never an option. Puppy school or seeing a behaviorist will help you deal with unwanted problems).

Huskies are one of the most high maintenance dogs, but if you are willing to put your energy, love and attention into a husky, you will be rewarded with one of the most amazing animals.

So if you feel that you would make a good husky owner, please consider adopting one from a shelter 🖤