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Everyone will agree that there’s few things cuter than a puppy. But getting a husky puppy is not always the best idea for every family. 
Here’s why I would recommend an adult husky rather than a puppy for new husky owners.

I am a huge animal lover, so needless to say, I have come into contact with many different dog breeds, but none quite like a husky. 
The best way to describe a husky puppy is: they are like energizer bunnies…except they’re not bunnies but Gremlins.

The majority of Huskies dumped at shelters are under 2 years old, and this is no coincidence. The first two years are the toughest years for both husky and owner. And sadly many people cannot put up with it. 
Around the age of 8 months, they start to go through adolescence, which is so much worse than the puppy teething phase. Welcome to teething phase number two. Unlike puppy teething, this phase takes owners by surprise. Most people aren’t even aware of this second phase in a puppy’s life. You thought you survived the worst of it when your puppy was teething, but the destruction returns with adolescence, and most often it is much worse.

Every breed of dog goes through this phase, but given the husky’s high energy level and stubbornness, this phase is a lot worse than with most other breeds. This is the period where they will cause the most destruction because they have physically matured. They are larger and stronger than a young puppy, and their jaws can do much more damage. This often includes chewing on everything they come across, shredding pillows, pulling out all the plants in the garden, and the list goes on…During this time your dog is most likely to ingest dangerous objects. Your home thus has to be puppy-proofed again and all valuables placed out of reach.

Your husky will likely also become rebellious during this time, ignoring commands that were not previously a problem. During this phase they also tend to bite…hard. A lot of people perceive this behaviour as “aggression” and fear that their puppy might harm their children or other pets. The best thing to do would be to stay calm and remove the puppy from the situation. Never hit your puppy! This will only worsen the situation.

During this period, many families will lock their huskies outside and no longer allow them into the house, or worse, dump them at the nearest shelter. The sad part is, these dogs are not destroying things to be naughty. They are highly agitated, like a human teenager going through puberty. Luckily this stage will pass! It just takes a lot of patience and love. Running your dog every day and giving them mental stimulation helps a lot. Chew toys and large blocks of ice also do wonders for their aching gums.

Another reason why I would recommend adopting an older dog is because their chance of finding a good home is much slimmer. If there are two dogs available for adoption and one is a puppy, the puppy will always be adopted first. But if you choose to adopt an older husky, you skip all the bad parts of puppy-hood and end up with a wonderful companion.

As with everything in life, there are always exceptions to this. Each dog is different and you might have been lucky enough to have skipped the bad parts of puppy-hood.

There is nothing wrong with wanting a puppy, but it is vital that you do proper research and know what you are getting yourself into, especially if you are not familiar with the husky breed.

That being said, once you fall in love with a husky, you won’t want any other breed!