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designed by Monnakopsis
all funds raised go to Husky Rescue South Africa
“Paws is what we do!”

Orders are open until the 27th of May

When order time closes, all shirts / bandana’s will be printed together.  This takes 7-14 days.  As soon as we are done, your orders will be couriered to you.

Every Design holds a story…
It hides in the seams and whispers from the folds, creating a song
Look close and trace each stitch and line of color back to hands like yours … Someone made it just for you!
Wear it, it will make you happy


Brand New In: Bandana’s


Bandana Size Guide


Email: poppycornpaws@gmail.com

Unlock your imagination

With your own Custom Designed T-Shirt
White – R 250
Other Colors – R 350

Choose your color Tee
Send a good quality picture of your pet
or simply personalize your Quote