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Our Dogs available for Adoption

Adopt Storm Husky Rescue South Africa


Chilled male husky who is very social with other dogs STORM is now 11 years old and has been with his current owner since the age of 3. He used to receive a lot of attention and was allowed inside the house until the baby came along (his hair in the house being the main…

Adopt Kai Husky Rescue South Africa


Loving, attention seeker KAI is a 5 year old Alaskan Malamute who needs a new home where there are no young kids. From KAI’s owner: ‘We have a 3 year old child at the moment and since she became mobile Kai just wants nothing to do with her and he has nicked her twice already in…

Adopt King Husky Rescue South Africa


High Energy Puppy KING is back up for adoption due to no fault of his own 😢. He is 18 months old and is a high energy puppy that will need lots of exercise and mental stimulation plus a few other dogs to play with. He is great with people and other large breed dogs. Situated…

Adopt Gizmo Husky Rescue South Africa


Young, playful and energetic This gorgeous specimen is only 12 months old and because his owners did not research the husky breed he is now up for adoption because like most huskies his high prey drive has kicked in and he is escaping the plot to kill the neighbors chickens.  GIZMO is young, playful and…

Adopt Ash Husky Rescue South Africa


Loving sweet boy full of life and love and very social ASH is 2 years old and another victim of immigration. He is a very well trained dog who attended clicker training classes so can perform a few cute tricks. Ash was exposed to small dogs at puppy school but has a high prey drive…