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Adopt Baloo - Husky Rescue South Africa


 Super good looking Male Husky Cross This super good looking male husky cross is only 5 months old. His only crime is being to active, busy and destructive…well yes that is an accurate assessment of young pups. Young huskies need lots of exercise, mental enrichment plus loads of interaction with their human people. BALOO needs…

Sponsor a Steri

We are assisting Husky Rescue KZN to sterilize 10 Huskies in their care. The cost of one sterilsation is R550.00 excluding vaccinations and other medical expenses. If you would like to sponsor a steri and for info please contact me on  The only way we are going to win the war against unwanted surrendered dogs is…


BAKARI was not interested in being groomed (And his hair is growing like weeds after recovering from sarcoptic mange), instead he figured out a way to open the cooler box where the treats are kept.  Johan and Lara are regular volunteers at Wideskies in Cape Town and we are very grateful to have them part of…