We were up bright and early this morning to pick up this poor boy to take to the vet. His pensioner dad loves him to bits but on his state pension he just didn’t have the money to get Levi’s skin treated.  Poor Levi has been suffering for a few months while his dad tried home remedies etc. His face, neck and ears are very sore as well as his paws which were so bad he bit off a claw recently.
So we did a deal, firstly we will pretend he is a husky so we can book him in at Brackenhurst Veterinary Hospital to get treatment.

Secondly we said we will help if we can sterilize him at the same time which his desperate dad readily agreed to.

We will also make sure he gets some decent food going forward so his skin can heal properly.
Look forward to posting some after pics of this honorary husky once he is better.

So Levi the Husky has a bad allergy to something, either environment or food which has developed into a secondary skin infection. He has medication including antibiotics to take for the next two weeks and when we take him back to get his stitches out we will reassess his condition.
Ian also sponsored him some special food for skin allergies and a new collar.
Levis dad was in tears when his boy got home and Levi just crashed next to the bed (he normally sleeps on it)

He probably isn’t impressed about losing the crown jewels but as animal rescuers we now have one less to worry about.