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Very Urgent Forever or Foster Home

we are in desperate need of a forever home or foster for Akiva. Sadly his adoption fell through (to no fault of his own), we are not equipped to take in huskies as we don’t have high fencing. Akiva has started to show interest in trying to jump over our fences.

If you’re able to foster Akiva please send us an inbox message or contact Liv on 0818934427

2 yrs old
Good with kids & other dogs

We are based in Kliprivier

NPC 2017/083180/08
A New Hope was born of a longtime love of dogs and a need to help anywhere we can. We have been fostering dogs for years and have recently found a need to take in our own rescues as existing shelters and rescue organisations are under such pressure and are so full.

Where do the dogs come from ??
Anywhere, many come from backyard breeders or people who have not sterilised their pets and end up with unwanted litters. ANH will only take pups if the owners agree to sterilise their dogs – we do follow up with this.

What breeds do we take in?
Any kind but with a special love for Daxies we do have quite a few of the longdog type (-:

Why mostly puppies ?
We operate out of our own home and have dogs of our own so pups are easier to integrate. Also – we LOVE puppies !!!!!!

Why is there an adoption fee ?
The adoption fee covers the pups vaccination, sterilization, deworming and tick and flea control. The adoption fee is considerably less than these would cost privately.

Why is there a homecheck ?
A homecheck is done to ensure pups that are already rescued go to homes that are safe and suitable for their personalities. A homecheck is nothing to be scared of – we want to match you with your perfect pup.

Why do you need donations ?
Donations help with the care of the pups we are fostering – vaccinations, sterilisations, tick and flea control, deworming, toys, food, bedding, petrol, data etc etc. The cost of rescue is considerable.

A New Hope is a division of Animal Instincts NPO. We do still foster for other organisations from time to time – these are rescues we have a long standing relationship with and their pups adoptions will go through them with their rules and fees applying.

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