A stunningly beautiful boy who was picked up as a stray

This beautiful male husky has been at Wideskies way too long and as result is displaying signs of kennel stress. He is losing weight and is just not a happy chap.
MAXI is quiet a small boy and when he was first rescued he was terrified of people and other dogs. He was found chained up in Woodstock. He has overcome many of his fears and is a joy to be around. Would suit an active family and prefers the company of calmer large breed females. No other male dogs or cats. He is about 2 years old.

He is currently located located in CAPE TOWN. If you can offer MAXI a foster  or permanent home.

Adoption fees, contracts and home-checks apply

For more information and adoption applications, please email:

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Male, Siberian Husky with a Black & White fur coat and Blue eyes

Adopt MAXI Husky Rescue South Africa

Adopt Maxi Husky Rescue South Africa

husky rescue

husky rescue

husky rescue

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