She’s so special, affectionate and unique!

A beautiful girl with high levels of energy and cunning, her small stature and beautiful, soulful brown eyes are sure to capture your heart and lift your spirit. An endless sea of positive energy and love is what awaits the lucky owner of this gorgeous, fox-like angel.  She can be a bit of a handful and demanding with her toys as she has a tendency to retrieve all the time especially with small children around, who she adores, but the reward for the dedication you show is endless love and devotion that is exclusively yours.

Her past is relatively unknown, as she was picked up on the side of the road, having been eating whatever she could get her paws on to survive. Skin and bone when first found, she has blossomed into a beautifully sweet and mischievous girl whom you can’t but help lavish your affections upon.

So get into Valentine Days mood with this wonderful edition to the family, and give this pure soul her forever home.

Situated in Gauteng but can be relocated anywhere in SA if HRSA home check criteria are met.

To adopt GRACIE please email us on 

And please SHARE to find her an amazing home. Thank you.

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Female, little mini Siberian Husky with a Black & White fur coat and Brown eyes

Adopt Husky Rescue South Africa


husky rescue

Adopt Husky Rescue South Africa

husky rescue

husky rescue


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