Human Equivalent – The Cheeky Cheerleader

I’m a beautiful, special & kooky madame. I love cuddles and affection and I get sad when I’m left on my own. I’m house-trained with good manners, I won’t chew on your things & I’ll wait for you while you mop, after which I want your love of course.

Leelah is a uniquely beautiful 3 year old female Husky X in need of a loving home.

This blue puppy-eyed lass is an adorable prima donna and madame of note. But when you peel back her layers she is sensitive and one of a kind.

Unfortunately she does not get along with other animals of any size.  She plays nice with older kids 10 years old and up but isn’t fond of smaller kids. 

Other than that she is a great dog and loves people.  She is house trained and won’t chew on anything.  She can follow basic commands like sit and takes treats from your hand very gently. 

Leelah is very affectionate and loves cuddles. She is such a sweetie and patiently waits standing in a corner until the tiles are dry before walking over it while you mop.  She enjoys car rides and is avid at playing fetch with her rope, & she of course, always hands you the bigger loop of the rope.  Don’t you dare pretend that you don’t see her, she will wiggle the rope into your hand to ensure some fetching. She loves being indoors and the company of hoomans and gets quite sad when she’s left on her own.

Leelah is situated in Mpumalanga

If you are willing to give this dime a dozen a home please email or leave us your email address and we’ll send you an application form

Adopt Leelah Husky Rescue South Africa
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