Human Equivalent: That Guy who Talks too much

Cutie Khan is a 13 month old energetic baby. He has a puppy heart and the sweetest personality. Khan is boisterous and playful but also a gentleman when he needs to be. He is clever and a fast learner.

Khan loves muffins and enjoys cooling off with a quick soak and naps in the shade.   He is a vocal boy and good with other dogs and loves teasing and playing with his doggie friends.

Khan is still baby who is just too beautiful with those piercing amber eyes that hypnotize you when you look at him. He is very playful with lots of puppy energy and enjoys a run around with other Huskies who are socialised.

Situated in Gauteng but can be relocated anywhere in SA if HRSA home check criteria are met.

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Male, Siberian husky with a Grey & white fur coat and Amber Eyes

Adopt Khan Husky Rescue South Africa

Adopt Khan Husky Rescue South Africa

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