A suave man in his own right, and the looks certainly do him favor, a beautiful boy with a heart of gold, and eyes that only speak of love

This poor boy was found dragging a huge steel chain tied to his neck. It was found that he belonged to a nearby shebeen, and was tied up out back. His eyes speak of a world weary heart, but one that has overcome his difficulties and adapted beautifully to his home at the Haven, and will undoubtedly truly come into his own when he finds his forever home.

His bite inhibition is poor at the moment, having never been loved, or shown affection, he finds it hard to display these emotions, and may resort to nipping. But it’s easy to see that there is no violence in his eyes or actions, and that he simply has no way of expressing himself, this will fade with time, and a patient owner will be able to teach him how to properly go about expressing his love in a matter of weeks.

He’s a bit of a ladies man, and likes to be around a female, harboring dislike for those of his own gender.

He has an amazingly athletic body, and would thrive under the ownership of a runner, keeping you motivated by both outpacing and outlasting you, if you like long runs on the beach, or even at your local park, then this boy is the one for you.

An excitable soul by nature, the nips that follow are merely his way of trying to communicate, however he calms quickly and will be a loving a steadfast companion for the rest of his life, his eyes begging for your love and understanding.

Situated in Gauteng but can be relocated anywhere in SA if HRSA home check criteria are met.

To adopt JACK please email us on info@huskyrescue.org.za

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Male, Siberian Husky with a GREY & White fur coat and Blue eyes

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Adopt Husky Rescue South Africa

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