Human Equivalent – Wild Hearted Free Spirit

I am a friendly, soft hearted, freckled face boy! I love to run & with the breeze on my nose I sometimes forget to stop. I enjoy playing hide & seek, soccer & cuddling up close next to you. I love fiercely with all my heart & soul.

He is a +- 2 year old, handsome, friendly, freckled face boy!  He loves running and with the sea breeze on the tip of his nose he sometimes forgets to stop. Indigo is an active boy and would be an awesome running partner for someone who is strong and can keep up with him. He’ll get your body ‘beach season’ ready in no time!  He is an adventurous, free spirited fella who just wants to be loved and understood.  He enjoys playing soccer, hide and seek, swimming, sitting with his hoomans while they watch TV, eating biltong and road trips! 

Indigo is good and very playful with other dogs when introduced properly. He values relaxing on his outdoor table with his husky girl companion and would do best with a doggie friend No cats!! 

Indigo is a sensitive boy and not fond of being left on his own and might be a bit shy until he gets to know you better.  He is wild hearted but loves fiercely with his entire heart and soul and is patiently waiting for the one to come and sweep him off his feet.

He is in desperate need of a new home where he will get the exercise and love he deserves. Situated in Cape Town.

If you have the wild & free soul to match his and you’re interested in making gorgeous Indigo part of your family please email 

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