Happy Tails Happy Homes

We would like to celebrate with you some of our FurKids that have found their new families.

Harken has a home!

Harken has a home, Thabiso will be his new owner and visited him today for the sixth time with his family. They have gone to huge effort to make their...
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Storm & Foxy

It is always sad when an oldie has to find a retirement home. Storm and Foxy were surrendered as their dying owner was admitted to a frail care facility. But...
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Sasha settling in

Sasha settled with her new daddy, mommy, 4 sisters and 1 brother. All getting on fine. Sad for us to leave her but she is in a great home.  

Tears of Happiness

Rescue work is never easy and the stress at this time of year with the continual phone calls and messages about owners wanting to surrender dogs or strays that have...
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Husky Rescue owes this man so much. In February 2014 Irshaad called Husky Rescue to tell us about a husky that was dying in the gutter next to a road...
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Max has been adopted

Max…..adopted by us just over two weeks ago…..very happy beautiful puppy 😃  He is a real pleasure! Jacqueline Jordan-Snyman

Lacey’s Story

Please read Lacey’s Story adopted by Liza, we couldn’t be more happy for both Liza and Lacey finding each other!   Introducing Lacey + The Adoption Procedure

Oldies are Goodies!

Older dogs are often a challenge to rehome. Families are easily drawn to a cute, fluffy, mischievous puppy and often don’t give consideration to the benefits and the rewards of...
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Fostering Storm

One Thursday morning a plea went out for three dogs that desperately needed homes. The age-old story of the owners moving and the dogs couldn’t go with (dogs are a...
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The free-spirited Siberian Husky

They are very playful, athletic, agile, and light on their feet. They love the great outdoors and require vigorous exercise, especially in cool weather. They should be taken running, hiking, and/or biking every day, always on-leash, for they are independent and born to run. If something catches their interest, they’ll be gone. Teaching them to pull carts and sleds gives them a purpose in life.