One Thursday morning a plea went out for three dogs that desperately needed homes. The age-old story of the owners moving and the dogs couldn’t go with (dogs are a lifetime commitment people!). One of these dogs was a seven month old, unsterilized husky. A permanent home had already been found for her so we agreed to foster her for the week until her new owners were ready for her.

The home fell through and Storm ended up staying with us for far longer than the couple of days that we had banked on. Her intro into our 4-husky pack went very well, unfortunately though, Storm wouldn’t eat when she came to us. A quick trip to our local vet indicated a severe case of worms. Some meds and a little TLC and Storm was gobbling her food down by the following evening.

It wasn’t long before the timid, shy little husky was strutting her stuff and giving the rest of our pack a hard time – as only puppies can get away with. Our pack are past the high-energy puppy phase though so they soon tired of her and Storm became bored and unstimulated and they became grumpy and irritable with her. It wasn’t fair on Storm or our pack to keep them together.

We were getting a little anxious as no appropriate homes had come about for her and we weren’t going to let this little girl go unless it was to the perfect home which, eventually, did come around.

The family was perfect, but the house needed a little husky-proofing. We kept Storm for a couple more days and had her sterilized while the changes were being made to the house. In the meantime intros were done with Storm’s new brother-to-be “Coach” and a short while later Storm was settled in her new home. Storm and Coach are the best of friends and although it was difficult to let Storm go after her being with us for a longer period of time than we had bargained on; fostering this little girl and rehoming her to a family that better suited her needs was worth it!

Dominique Strydom

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