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Squams is home with Melanie Zwarts Pereira and family. He already looks so settled.
Thanks so much to everyone that assisted, Barry Mccallum would have been proud to call you all friends. Ian Jones

The great news is all 5 have left the Dawson Lodge and are in the most incredible homes
Ian THANKYOU  Tonight we will fall asleep smiling   Lisa Jayne Fawkes

5 OUT OF 5 – ALL HOMED!! Most networkers will by now have learned of the sad passing of Barry McCullam and his 5 beloved dogs who were orphaned. Thanks to Ian Jones and the many people who rallied in support, SQUAMS, the last of Barry’s dogs joined his new family yesterday. RIP now Barry – they are all safe Vivian Warby

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I was a little worried that we would struggle to find a home for Scar with him being so high energy but he blew me away today being so gentle and understanding with his new friends (dog and cats) and also with his humans. All he wanted was a friend to play with and someone to cuddle.
Thank you so much to Denise Archer Drew for taking him in and giving him a wonderful loving home. I think Barry Mccallum will be smiling down yet again.

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Just got these pics of Ruby from her new mom in Port Elizabeth. So happy to see her doing so well, her nose is almost healed and she looks so content.  Ian Jones

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[gdlr_notification icon=”icon-flag” type=”color-background” background=”#99d15e” color=”#ffffff”]We are happy that two of Barry’s Dogs have found loving homes[/gdlr_notification]

The other day I said I am sure that Barry Mccallum would be smiling at the news that Ghost has gone to his new home, today I think he may even throw a small party. 🙂
Ghost has found his new home and he knows it. Ian Jones

husky rescue

Squamish had a meet, greet and cat test with his new family this afternoon.
All went exceptionally well and he showed no interest in the cat at all.
He particularly likes his new human play mate who was playing ball with him. The other Lab in the photos is Bella who is Squamish’s sister.
Squams will be going home when the family get back from holiday on 8 April. Ian Jones

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[gdlr_notification icon=”icon-flag” type=”color-background” background=”#99d15e” color=”#ffffff”]Barry’s Dogs now looking for loving homes[/gdlr_notification]

The dogs that Husky Rescue have been taking care of after their owner Barry Mccallum was tragically killed in a fire. They are all now looking for homes except for Ruby the St Bernard who already has a home. Please email ian@huskyrescue.org.za for more information.

[gdlr_notification icon=”icon-flag” type=”color-background” background=”#99d15e” color=”#ffffff”]Saying goodbye to the man who had meant so much to them[/gdlr_notification]

We decided that it would be fitting to take Barry‘s dogs to his funeral so they could also get closure and get a chance to say goodbye to the man who had meant so much to them. Before we went we took them for a run at Lisa‘s plot so they could burn off some excess energy.
Please remember that we are now looking for homes for all these dogs. Only Ruby the St Bernard has a definite home but we do have some possibilities for some of the others. If you are interested in adopting please email ian@huskyrescue.org.za for more information.
I promised Barry we would take good care of them and we will make sure they get the best homes possible.
RIP Barry I hope you were watching today, I think your dogs knew you were around although they couldn’t see you.

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Ian’s friend Barry Mccallum was very badly burnt when his car exploded as he started it just over two week ago. Barry is putting up a brave fight in hospital but is far from out of danger as he has over 70% 3rd degree burns.

Barry has always been a kind hearted soul who could never say no so he has managed to accumulate some lovely furry friends, 5 of them in total, a Saint Bernard, Boxer, Siberian Husky, Labrador with only 3 legs and a X breed lab type. Since the accident the dogs have been alone and outside with a kind neighbour feeding them.

Ian went to see how they were doing last week and after consulting with the Husky Rescue – SA committee members we have decided to help Barry’s dogs. Some were injured, maybe trying to escape and they are all traumatised after being witness to the horror of what happened to Barry in his own driveway. Apparently they all ran away and hid until some time afterwards.

Of course this will involve some costs so we would appreciate if any animal lovers could assist us with donations into the Husky Rescue account below, please use the reference ‘Barry’ and send proof to ian@huskyrescue.org.za so we can keep track.

Barry Mccallum dogs are now all safe at the boarding kennels.

Squamish’s wound is healing so they decided not to stitch but have given antibiotics.  Ruby’s nose is a concern as it isn’t healing but we have tablets and new ointment and we will monitor it. Squams and Ruby need to go back for follow up checks next week.  All the dogs have been checked, vaccinated, dewormed and given tick and flea treatment. They all have fly sores on ears so this has been cleaned and treated.

The vets bill alone came to just over R3000 so please keep sharing and keep the donations coming in so we can look after them going forward.

Thank you to all those that have donated so far!

Account name: Husky Rescue SA
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Cape Gate
Branch Code: 02 39 10
Account number: 271474092

We also want to thank the one person who always lend a hand when there are dogs in need Lisa Jayne Fawkes.

As soon as she heard about Barry dogs she offered to go and give them a groom and TLC. She is brilliant with the dogs and was so nice of her to come out.  Ruby got a good brush and Ghost is almost back to his normal colour and all tangles taken out.

They have settled in well and Ghost and Scar have even removed some of the fence panelling so they can see each other properly. 🙂


Husky Rescue Husky Rescue  Husky Rescue Husky Rescue Husky RescueHusky Rescue




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