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Siberian Husky
Black and White fur coat
love and fathomless happiness eyes
This absolutely amazing girl will spin for you every time you walk through the door, very literally in fact. Her excitable nature and absolute love for everyone around her is beautiful and inspiring to witness.

She is around 8 years old, and would make the perfect companion for the lonely pensioner or inquisitive child, as she does not require extensive exercise. Her heart will bond and firmly latch onto any person put in front of her, but unfortunately she does not appreciate the company of other animals, and is strictly a human lover.

She is exceptionally easy to walk and handle, matching your pace quite happily, perhaps both to please you and simply because she does not mind the speed or the length of her walks.

All this love and happiness pours from her in contagious waves that infect and inspire all those that she meets, and even though she can’t talk, one gets the impression that she would shout and whoop in joy at the first chance she got, with a plethora of thanks to go along with it.

Her eyes exude this love and fathomless happiness for the world to see, there’s no shy bone in this girls body. She is the perfect little angel for all those who need a constant companion for those lonely nights or a day of play for those with more energy, this angel wears her heart on her sleeve, and gladly keeps the hearts of those she loves safe in her paws.

Situated at Husky Haven in Gauteng.
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