Jessie & Spirit landed with their bums in the butter!

We had a fabulous weekend, with the walk on Saturday where ALL the Haven dogs had an outing, and to top it off we homed Jessie and Spirit.

Both girls landed their bums in the butter, with Jessie joining the Hastie family who adopted Bohene earlier this year and Spirit joined Tate who was adopted about a year ago from HRSA.


Tissue Alert – Danie is smiling up in Heaven

And so here it is: Bakari is on his way to the airport to fly to JHB to his awesome new home with Tom. It is a bittersweet moment for the volunteers who grew to love him. Bakari, today we remember another beautiful person who loved you, Danie Krige, who must be smiling down in Heaven.

Billy Scheepers sent this message:
I’ve seldom cried as hard as the day i rescued you. The universe has taken you on a journey I’ll never understand but has kept your heart beating for a reason, my boy. May your journey be blessed. Don’t look back, that is not where you’re going.

Bakari with his new dad Tom.

Bakari can’t believe his luck, Fillet steak for supper !!

Human has been downgraded to the Floor!

When we receive photos like these where the human has been downgraded to the floor and newly adopted Ully and Lyric have been upgraded to the bed.

Two weeks ago today these 2 stunners went home and updates like these keep us motivated and sane.

Thank you Natasha for the lovely update. Ully and Lyric have landed their bums in the butter!!!


Update of the Day!

A lot of the times our hearts get heavy, when there are some of our dogs who for some reason, despite all our efforts just can’t find a home. They are overlooked and sit and wait and watch while dogs come and go.

But then one unexpected day a miracle happens.  On Sunday Danie Krige walked into our Cape Town kennels looking for a friend. He had a look at all the the dogs available, greeting each of them eagerly…. and there it was….A lingering look at Bakari and the connection was made. His time had finally come ❤️ Our longest Cape Town resident has finally found his forever home. 

We are overjoyed and eternally grateful.  Thank you Danie for giving Bakari a chance. We don’t know how to thank you. You have saved Bakari’s life when we were starting to lose hope.  We hope you 2 will have wonderful days spent taking walks, naps and enjoying some music and ice cream together. We wish you an amazing happy ever after!  Be happy Bakari Bear xx We love you!

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This post is about a little boy that saved a dog

by Ian Jones

A few weeks ago I posted about a dog that saved a man by giving him a new purpose and companionship.

This post is about a little boy that saved a dog. Sky went to her new home today and unfortunately her new sister Eyke, a German Shepherd was a bit dominant and Sky was very scared of her.
Along came little Luca, Tara’s 4yr old son and what a transformation. Sky jumped up wagging her tail and her fears of Eyke were forgotten.

Look at the beautiful bond between a little boy and a fearful dog that just needed someone she could trust to bond with.

There is still some work to be done on the relationship between the dogs but in the meantime it looks like Sky has a new best friend.

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Update of the day!

Beautiful Lupin was rescued in February in Mitchell’s Plain with a rope around her neck. She was skin and bone, and her coat was thin and scarce. She almost didn’t make it. With a blood transfusion, lots of love and tlc, some food and socializing she crept out of her shell little by little.
In June she was adopted by the Broedelet family ❤️

Clint and Clair fell head over heels for her cheeky butt, and with that butt she’s landed in butter! Lupin has got 2 human siblings, 2 beagle siblings and 2 husky siblings who adore her.
Thanks to Clint, Clair & family for giving her an amazing loving home and for having patience and understanding with her! You rock! 

She’s one happy cookie!!! xxx

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