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Barry and his 5 beloved dogs

[gdlr_notification icon=”icon-flag” type=”color-background” background=”#99d15e” color=”#ffffff”]Barry and his 5 beloved dogs – 5 OUT OF 5 – ALL HOMED[/gdlr_notification] Squams is home with Melanie Zwarts Pereira and family. He already looks so settled. Thanks so much to everyone that assisted, Barry Mccallum would have been proud to call you all friends. Ian Jones The great news…

Diesel’s Christmas was to lose the only family he has ever known

This poor boys Christmas present was to lose the only family he has ever known on Christmas Eve, they suddenly dropped him off yesterday, moving to Thailand. 🙁 Diesel is 2 years old and is very scared and confused. He was cowering in his run, not sure what he has done wrong. We will get…

Santa Cause for Paws

Thank you Santa Cause for Paws!

We are so happy and grateful to have hosted the wonderful people from Santa Cause for Paws on the 11th December who dropped off a donation for Husky Rescue. Some much needed food and treats and some lovely items for the staff to make their Christmas a bit more special. Thank you so much to everyone at…

Husky Rescue

Christmas Stockings for the Haven Dogs

Thank you so much to everyone that came out to Husky Rescue on Saturday 11 December to walk the dogs, hand out Christmas stockings and spend so much quality time with them. Each of our Furbabies was spoilt with love and toys and the dogs had an amazing day!  

Calendar 2017

Husky Rescue SA – 2017 Calendars

The Husky Rescue SA 2017 Calendars we photographed for earlier this year have arrived! Aren’t they just stunning! The cover photo was taken by our Head Photographer George Joao. If anyone is interested in purchasing one please contact Siobhan for more details on Each calendar will cost R125.00 excluding courier cost which amounts to…

SAINTs Husky Rescue

SAINTs Animal Charity Shop – Christmas Bonus Party

Husky Rescue SA like to thank Viv and their amaizing staff at SAINTs Animal Charity Shop & all the wonderful supporters from the bottom of our hearts because of you we were a beneficiary to the amount of R31 878.00 helping us to look after our Furry Friends.  This is an amazing example of success! On Sunday…