Please support Siobhan

Siobhan has entered this competition at Pet Heaven to win food for a year. If she wins she will donate this to Mopsi at Husky Rescue South Africa.
Her chances of winning will be significantly better if you all just hit the share button which entitles her to an extra entry. You also need to enter the competition. Please click on the original post and go from there.   Here is the unique number

Do it for the Queen of the Haven 💗

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adopt PHOENIX husky rescue south africa

Phoenix is on his way to the Cape

There is a long day ahead for Phoenix travelling to his new home in Paarl and we know our friends at  PETport will take good care of him.  Phoenix cannot wait wait to meet his new mom Nicolette De Candia and family later.

We wish Phoenix a safe trip and a new and loving happy life, with a very excited Nicolette ready for her Boy!

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One of our more Famous Rescues

Is ready to celebrate his stpaddysday, when the whole of America celebrates ME!

St Patrick’s Day is celebrated this weekend, on March 17, in honour of the patron saint of Ireland. Symbolised around the world by shamrocks, pints and bright-green parades, contemporary St Patrick’s Day celebrations often hide the mysteries and meaning behind the ancient figure.

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Mopsi has made it to the next round in Cute Pet – SA!

Help Mopsi win Cutest Pet SA

Mopsi wants YOU 💗 Mopsi is the Queen and Diva and Madam of Husky Haven. Adored by many and it is easy to see why..Mopsi is 8 years old and looking for home as an only dog

For 1 VoteSMS PET 1455 to 41868 – SMS charged at R2.00
For 20 VotesSMS PET 1455 to 42130 – SMS charged at R30.00

Ensure there is a space between PET and the UNIQUE ID. Don’t include any other characters, words or phrases. Free and bundled packages do not apply.  Errors will be billed.

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Just Groom It

Tam and Kendal arranged a wonderful fundraiser for the huskies in Cape Town on Saturday. All monies raised will be allocated towards Vanilla’s cruciate operation. Vanilla is the mom to pups in Cape Town.   A BIG thank you to their team for an amazing day and we appreciate how much planning and work goes on behind the scenes for a function. As can be seen by the photos the vibe was electric and just simply fabulous.

Huskies in Cape Town needing an awesome groomer then Just Groom It are the people to contact.

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Stunning Charm gets Love from Aunty Joanne

There are 5 Ways to show your Dog Love that they can Understand

You’re absolutely crazy about your dog, and you’re not afraid to show it. But all the treats, toys, fancy collars, and comfy beds can’t let your dog know just how special he is to you. Sure he appreciates all that stuff, but in order to convey love for your pup, you have to speak his language. But don’t worry. Just because you don’t speak dog doesn’t meant you can’t convey your love in a way your pup will understand. Here are a few ways you can express your true feelings to your dog that will leave no doubt in his mind about your love and devotion.

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Personalized T-Shirts Husky Rescue South Africa

Look at these gorgeous t-shirts exclusively available for order at HRSA

Every tee holds a story.
It hides in the seams and whispers from the folds, creating a song.
Look close and trace each stitch and line of color back to hands like yours🌼Someone made it just for you💕
Wear it, it will make you happy 😊

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Husky Rescue Cape Town

The Husky Rescue Cape Town Volunteers do such amazing work and we would like to share with you some of the pictures of the dogs getting lots of love and attention!  We cannot thank each and everyone for all the care, love and dedication you put in!  We know that all the babies look forward to your visits!

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adopt husky rescue south africa

We are in need of more Volunteers

Especially to assist with picking up dogs and taking to a vet/new home/the Haven/airport trips or a place of safety. Gauteng area and especially during the week.

We want to create a volunteers whatsapp group so if you can assist please whatsapp Siobhan on 083 399 3999 to add to the volunteer group.

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