Adopt Husky Rescue South Africa


Lulu is a high energy girl that will need a doggie playmate This female husky cross is 2 years old and is being surrendered as she is too rough and boisterous for the newborn child. She is great with other large breed dogs. She is a loving dog that will need a few walks a…

Adopt Husky Rescue South Africa


Urgent Appeal … Beautiful 3 year old Ulfric This beautiful male husky is 3 years old and sadly his owner passed away and the family are not able to keep him and his sister. He walks well on lead and is socialised with other dogs including small dogs. No cats.

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An Enthusiastic Escapee and Jumper YODA is a male husky who is well socialised with all dogs.  He is an enthusiastic escapee and jumper so high walls and double gates are required.  He can be flown anywhere in SA if HRSA home criteria are met.

Adopt Husky Rescue


Loves people and attention and is still a baby at just over 12 months old SNOWBALL and her sister Ice belonged to an elderly lady who could not take care of them so they are now with another couple who already have 4 dogs of their own so need to re-home the 2 huskies.  SNOWBALL is…

Adopt Husky Rescue South Africa


Sprite is currently living at the Husky Haven and who could resist this face! It is unknown if she is good with small dogs and cats, Sprite is currently living at the Haven but can be relocated anywhere in SA if HRSA home check criteria are met.

Adopt Husky Rescue South Africa


Amazing and loving addition to any family, her affectionate and playful nature is guaranteed to light up your heart and your life! … her eyes simply shine with a soul so pure that one cannot but stop and admire her.  She is extremely intelligent and willing to please, listens well to commands and looks to her…

Adopt Lilo Husky Rescue South Africa


Lilo has the most gorgeous piercing blue eyes and is extremely sweet natured LILO is a cross breed with the most gorgeous blue piercing eyes. She is extremely sweet natured and needs a gentle dog as a buddy. She is wonderful with people and kids.  LILO was rescued together with a female husky named Summer…

Adopt Husky Rescue South Africa


This beautiful girl is absolutely stunning to behold, she seems to shine in the light of the sun, bringing a strange sense of comfort and ease when around her Her eyes hold untold tales of sadness, but these emotions are overthrown by the sheer amount of love one finds reflected back at them when staring…

Adopt Tala - Husky Rescue South Africa


He really is the sweetest boy with people, kids and all female dogs TALA is a 3 year old male Husky cross with a temperament to die for,  TALA is an unclaimed stray and i am just gobsmacked that he is homeless. He is currently at Husky Haven in Gauteng but can be flown anywhere…