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Fiery red head female husky with a sweet nature Fiery red head female husky with a sweet nature around people and kids. She knows large breed dogs but has not been exposed to cats. She is 3 years old and was given to the present owners by colleagues in February. She is vocal and loves…

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Majestic KYLIE She is a sweet and very calm sherpherd/rough collie cross who was found on the streets as a stray, skin and bone and hair all matted as she had never been groomed.  She adores people and will follow you around for some attention and love. She is very submissive around people and doesn’t enjoy…

Adopt Kahn - Husky Rescue South Africa


Very pretty boy Kahn This very pretty boy is named Kahn, 11 months old and good with people and small dogs. Typical Husky high energy so needs regular exercise and stimulation. Unfortunately his family are emigrating soon and can’t afford to take him with.

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Skye is super soft with kids and people, not a howler and enjoys attention Loves water and has a respectful nature. SKYE is a female husky who is 9 years old and looking for a new home. Been with current owners since a pup . Great with other dogs.