We don’t really know a lot about him except that he is from Oudtshoorn in the Cape near George. We already had our first husky (naively bought from a backyard breeder). Her name is Bella. She was an addition to an already large human and canine family. We stay on a large piece of land with my daughter, her husband, their kids and my son-in-law’s father.

Bella joined an older pack of dogs and as she reached adolescence her energy levels exceeded that which the older dogs could handle so it was time to find Bella a companion that would match her playful, energetic nature. So we had Bella spayed and the family went off to meet Joanne and the dogs at the Haven.

Joanne introduced us to “Hawkeye” who you could say chose us as his family. While deep in conversation with Joanne, Hawkeye came up behind me, lifted his leg and claimed me as his territory – it was a match made in heaven and Hawkeye – now known as “Cappy” came home with us that very day.

We had initial issues with resource guarding. Cappy was a little territorial over his food – which is fairly common in rescue dogs who aren’t sure where their next meal is going to come from but this issue was quickly overcome when he realized that his bowl was regularly filled and the contents were all his J

Cappy and Bella are incredibly happy together and have taught each other some impressive tricks. Adding a rescue dog to our family has been an incredibly rewarding experience – we would do it again in a heartbeat.

  • Edmund Verwey

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