A heart of pure gold rests inside this amazing and loving boy

An active boy with a past shrouded in misery, he was rescued by supporters of Husky Rescue from a rumored fighting syndicate, he is ready for his forever home to complete his life and save his soul.  Around the age of two he has a dislike of young children and male dogs, perhaps the epitome of ‘behind every great man stands and even greater woman’ he needs a female able to put him in his place if the need arises, otherwise, the life of a loner is more suited to this boy.

An extremely loving and excitable boy with limitless devotion and unconditional love, a true companion to keep you company on those lonely days and safe during stormy nights.

If your heart is capable of accepting the love that poors from his very soul then open your arms and accept the endless love this boy has to offer.

Situated at Husky Haven in Gauteng but can be relocated anywhere in SA if HRSA home check criteria are met.

To adopt BLADE please email us on

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Male, Siberian Husky with a Black & White fur coat and Blue eyes

Husky Rescue South Africa

Photo taken by the talented Christy Bennie Photography

Husky Rescue

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