[gdlr_heading tag=”h3″ ]So what are the Best Reasons for getting a Siberian Husky?[/gdlr_heading]

*They just love to talk: Watch a few of the videos if you do not believe me. It takes a lot to get the whole group barking but a good howl every now and then is just what the vet called for. A Husky will howl at the moon, howl at the horses he cannot chase, and howl just because. Any Husky owner will agree that it is a special type of music.

*You can wrestle with them: According to Dr. Patricia McConnell, the animal behaviorist, wrestling is almost always a guy thing. Well, it is a Husky thing too. Huskies really enjoy a romp, be it with another member of the pack, or even with that strange animal that walks on two legs. They will growl, pretend to bite, and do their utmost to flop you over and rough you up.

*Huskies love to be outside and run: Do you have an extra lump of money sitting around in your bank account? No? You had best forget about getting a Siberian Husky. Invisible fences and boundary markers might work with some other breeds; a Husky will laugh at them as he trots across the line and starts his daily exercise. My Huskies always came back, but not before they had angered all of the livestock farmers in the region.

*Siberian Huskies love to kill: Wrestling is just not meant to be for all types of animals. If you are a bantam rooster, a rabbit with a delicate neck and a quiet personality, or a Pomeranian who has forgotten the proper dog submission signals, there are Siberian Huskies lining up to make your acquaintance. “The Siberian Husky breed has a strong predatory drive”. Talk about an understatement! Huskies love to kill so much that they will figure out how to open a “dog proof” cage.

*They love to shed: Well, maybe they don’t love it much, but they are really good at it. The hair comes out in clumps. Some Husky owners will recommend you collect the undercoat when the dog blows its coat, as it can be mixed and spun with wool. Well, do not bother with collecting, unless you want to smell like a wet dog. It is useful in your compost pile, though, so there is that option.

* Love visitors, even when they are robbing you: They are big, they have long wolf-like teeth, and they are adept at killing. You would probably put them in the “Best Guard Dog” list, right? The problem is that Huskies are happy to see anyone new and would like nothing more than to lick, smell, and rub their ears across your local home invader.

*Love to dig: A digging pit will not do it for these dogs. They have thick coats, they cannot sweat, and the only way they can cool off is by digging a hole. Of course the hole they dug this morning is already warm, so they will dig another one. And another one. And another one. Siberian Huskies are not the ideal breed to keep if you care about your garden.

*Siberian Huskies love their owners: It does not matter if you are not the nicest person in the world, if you are having a bad day, or even if you are not into dogs anymore. A Siberian Husky is going to love you no matter what.


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