These two little Schipperke cross Corgie who were rescued in Phoenix by PACT in horrendous condtions, both chained up and Bella was so sick her eyes were shut closed from the pus.  Her ears were infected so badly inside and infested with ticks and the outer ear had rotted away so badly that her cartilage bone was showing.  She was sitting inside a soaking wet kennel!! Ceasar was also chained up with a cord so bad that PACT were unable to open it.  His kennel was full of stagnant water.  He was full of ticks.  And of course they were terrified of people.

These 2 bundles of joy have come a long way under the care of Joanne and grown in confidence where they love receiving treats and also enjoy being stroked. They have turned into little hooligans and are often seen doing zoomies around their wendyhouse.

Now with the past behind they are starting their wonderful new journey together and looking forward to a lot of love and spoils!! We are overjoyed with excitement for these two bundles!!

  • Siobhan Kelly

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